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We have a great selection of books detailing local history. 

Here at Donnison School we have some wonderful books, many unique to us, dealing with a variety of subjects.  These books are all focused on various aspects of life in Sunderland and of the people of Sunderland and are a grand read with many photographs.  Real stories of real Sunderland folk and events.

Our publications are listed below.

Please note * The prices are all plus £1.75 post and packing per item for
                        on-line purchases.

OPTION 1:   Sunderland in the Roaring 20's -  £10.00
OPTION 2:   Sunderland & the First World War -  £10.00
OPTION 3:   Cyril Joe Barton V.C.  -  £6.00
OPTION 4:   Characters of Hendon & the East End - £10.00
OPTION 5:   The Engineer & the MP  - £5.00
OPTION 6:   Sunderland - £12.99
OPTION 7:   The Coal Miners of Durham  - £14.99
OPTION 8:   Durham County Schools FA (hardback)  -  £10.00
OPTION 9:   The Light At The End Of The Tunnel -  £5.00

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  book001_400 Option 1

book002_400 Option 2

book003_400 Option 3

book004_400 Option 4

book005_400 Option 5

book006_400 Option 6

book007_400 Option 7

book008_400 Option 8

lighthouse_front_page_400 Option 9

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